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October 27, 2009

SECIAC meetings: videos & minutes

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The SEC Investor Advisory Committee web page has links to videos and minutes of our meetings (+ other info). Videos for the 2009-07-27 meeting and the 2009-10-05 meeting have been posted. Minutes for 2009-07-27 are posted, but not for 2009-10-05 yet.

If you’d like to see where on each video I spoke up, here are the times and summaries of what I said:

2009-07-27 video 1 (morning):

0:35:25 I introduced myself — my background and some views on investor education.

1:52:34 I suggested consideration of an investor education pilot program using a competitive voting system to allocate public funds.

2009-07-27 video 2 (afternoon):

0:15:00 I agreed with Mr. Salisbury that our advice should take into account other existing and proposed investor education initiatives.

0:41:12 I described new tools for individual investors to vote by copying the votes of institutional investors, being developed by ProxyDemocracy, a non-profit group at which I serve as a director. I noted that newcomer MoxyVote plans to offer something similar.

0:57:45 I suggested that shareowner resolutions relating to auditor selection should not be deemed ‘ordinary business’ and thus excludable from the proxy. I noted a parallel with director elections, which are now being considered fair game for shareowner involvement.

2009-10-05 video 1 (morning):

2:52:40 I suggested that our ability to submit both majority and minority views as advice to the SEC makes the proposed recusal policy less necessary.

October 2, 2009

SECIAC Members, Subcommittees & Constituencies

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Here is a list of the SEC Investor Advisory Committee members, our subcommittee assignments, affiliations, and constituencies that (according to SEC staff) we represent:

FirstName LastName Education Purchaser Owner Title Organization Representing
Jeff Brown 1 1 1 Senior VP, Office of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs The Charles Schwab Corporation From a regulatory and customer-service perspective, providers of tools to retail investors who elect to make their own investment decisions
Mercer Bullard
Founder Fund Democracy Individual mutual fund investors
Hye-Won Choi

1 Senior VP & Head of Corp. Governance TIAA-CREF Those involved in retirement planning for investors who work in academic, medical, cultural and research institutions
Stephen Davis

Chair Executive Director, Millstein Center for Corporate Governance Yale University School of Management International institutional investors
Abe Friedman
1 Global Head of Corporate Governance & Responsible Investment BlackRock Very large global institutional investors
Mac Hisey
President AARP Financial Inc. Senior investors
Mellody Hobson 1

President Ariel Investments Smaller, as well as minority-owned, institutional investors
Fred J. Joseph 1 1
Colorado Securities Commissioner & Acting State Bank Commissioner Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies State securities regulators
Adam Kanzer

1 Managing Director & General Counsel Domini Social Investments Social investors
Mark Latham 1 Founder Individual investors, particularly with respect to their role in corporate governance
Barbara Roper
Director, Investor Protection Consumer Federation of America Individual investors, with a particular focus on investor protection
Dallas Salisbury Chair 1
President and CEO Employee Benefit Research Institute Individual investors, especially with respect to employee retirement issues
Kurt Schacht
Managing Director CFA Institute Investment professionals
Damon Silvers

1 Associate General Counsel AFL-CIO Institutional labor investors
Kurt P. Stocker 1
1 Member of the Board NYSE Individual investors
Ann Yerger

1 Executive Director Council of Institutional Investors Pension funds and those who depend upon them

Total #: 16 5 7 9

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