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September 9, 2010

I won’t be on the new SEC IAC

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I’ve had a great year or so representing individual investors on the SEC Investor Advisory Committee (IAC). (Here are links to its member list and SEC web page.) I’ve learned a lot from my colleagues on the committee and from SEC staff. I hope I have made a worthy contribution serving retail investors and the broad public interest.

The Dodd-Frank Act redefines the IAC, so the committee is now being reconstituted to conform with the Act. I’ve decided not put my name forward as a candidate for the new (Statutory) IAC. I tend to specialize in just a few areas of the SEC’s broad regulatory mandate, and once I have submitted my personal comments on their recent proxy concept release, I will have contributed the bulk of what I have to offer. I’ll blog about and link to my comments after I submit them later this month.

There is still plenty of work for the new IAC to do on proxy voting, but I am confident that there are more suitable candidates than I to help with that. I’m still engaged on these issues, and expect to stay involved one way or another. My main work continues on, pursuing governance reform for democracies and corporations.

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