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September 12, 2016

How DAOs Can Use Votermedia

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Today I released a 7-page white paper How DAOs Can Use Votermedia – summary below:


Designers of future DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) may find some useful ideas at, especially in the paper Global Software Users’ Co-op.

A decentralized voter information system called votermedia, originally designed for corporate shareowners, has been developed and tested for several years in a large university student union – see Experiments in Voter Funded Media. Evolution of these ideas has generated several innovations, including:

Any new DAO could adapt these ideas to create a competitive market for providing its token holders multiple benefits:

  • voter information, analysis, insight, voting advice;
  • software infrastructure, bug checking;
  • contractors monitoring and critiquing each other;
  • investment allocation, accounting, auditing;
  • DAO governance oversight, critique, amendments.

Implementing these governance innovations in DAOs can stimulate similar reforms in conventional organizations, including corporations, co-ops and governments.

See white paper: How DAOs Can Use Votermedia

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